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"It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to partner with Mr Anderson in school improvement.


Adrian leads out of who he is: as a former national-level sportsman he commands respect and inspires self-discipline and commitment by his own example; as an experienced senior leader he communicates with clarity, conviction and credibility.  Driven by a strong moral purpose and possessing an exceptional level of emotional intelligence, Adrian is particularly effective at motivating disadvantaged students and their families; he knows how to raise aspirations and challenge underachievement across a community.


Adrian believes in people, and they know it, responding to his warm and expert coaching style.  His work with staff begins with the conviction that improvement is possible; by listening to colleagues and building strong relationships Mr Anderson is able to bring about lasting change in practice.


Mr Anderson leaves us in a strong place, and we are grateful to him."


-Mr J P Winch

Executive Principal (Educational Standards) & National Leader of Education

"As a cover supervisor, you are in a vulnerable position regarding not knowing the idiosyncrasies of each individual teacher, and you can be put in awkward situations where students try and convince you that they know best. I really appreciated the fact Adrian was able to see this through the eyes of a supply/cover teacher as well as those of a full-time teacher and a member of a school leadership team."

"This training has been incredibly informative to me starting out as a Cover Supervisor. I was able to reflect on some of my own actions in the classroom."


"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Adrian Anderson in his role as behaviour consultant. 


I worked alongside Adrian for over a year as he supported myself as a newly appointed assistant headteacher in a school in turbulent times through the transition of headship and during its time in special measures. 


Adrian is approachable and very open. His manner and work ethic is excellent and his approach with students and staff is first class. During my time working with Adrian he supported and nurtured me in my new role and gave me the confidence I needed to go on to be a successful leader. 


He had the upmost respect of staff and students and relationships are a key strength in which he empowers others to follow modelling through his own practice. 


I would highly recommend Adrian to support a schools in need of improvement but also to offer vital training and INSET in supporting the school to move forward."


-M. Taylor

 Assistant Headteacher

"Mr Anderson joined our academy in what was an incredibly turbulent time and circumstance. He immediately added capacity at a strategic level. He was instrumental in coaching members of staff new to the leadership team to develop their strategic abilities and support a sustainable leadership team moving forwards.


Throughout his time with us he supported key areas in their development, particularly behaviour, safeguarding and attendance. He is a reflective, trustworthy and approachable leader who fostered respect from all stakeholders within the academy community.


He was able to utilise limited resources to develop an in-house alternate provision, which supported some of our most vulnerable children and their families.


He was a valued member of our community, he was greatly missed by many members of staff as well as with the students and their families when his time with us finished. His impact with us was such that he left us in a better place than when he joined us, with a lasting capacity for improvement."


-Mrs K Richardson

 Deputy Headteacher - Provision


"I really enjoyed the knowledge that was impacted on me based on the trainer’s experience and genuine devotion to educating students"

"I have not had such training prior to my experience as a Cover Supervisor and this has ticked the boxes of challenges I have had. With today’s training, I am more confident to go into full-time teaching."


"Adrian was engaging and knowledgeable. He delivered the course in a clear manner, expanding on points where necessary but gave plenty of opportunities to have our say."


"Mr Anderson leads by example; his coaching of other senior leaders, especially when they are new to a role, is of the highest calibre. He is articulate, measured and refined in his approach to dealing with conflict resolution and inspires staff and students alike with his approach."

 "I can only recommend Mr Anderson without reservation and only wish that I could keep him as a highly valued colleague.”

- Director of Secondary Schools LEAD Academy Trust

"As an EFL teacher abroad, I am used to small classes of 12-15 students. This training really gave me a feel for some of the struggles that can come across in larger classes. Furthermore, it offered much-needed solutions for dealing with them."


"I wish I'd had some training like this before I started cover supervisor work…it gave a solid base of what to do if something were to happen. It was beneficial just to be given some fall-back plans of action."


"Mr Anderson’s delivery was highly enjoyable. The opportunity to gain insight from both the supply teacher and senior leadership point of view was priceless."


"This was one of the few courses/workshops that I have actually found useful and taught me something useful."


"A level-headed approach – practical and realistic."


"Very interactive and engaging. The presenter has a strong passion for making a positive difference in schools."

"I can honestly say I learnt a lot today which will definitely enhance my career."

"Useful strategies that can be implemented in the classroom."

"Very informative."

"The course was well worth attending. Adrian's delivery was spot on and his experience from both the senior leadership and supply teaching point of view gave the course real value. I've already put some of his tips on my first day of work today!"

"I enjoyed the personality and knowledge of the trainer who was able to fit theory into context very well."

“Mr Anderson is an exceptional school and academy leader. 

Since joining one of my academies in a senior post, he has led his areas of responsibility with aplomb and has ably supported the headteacher in making exponential school improvement. His levels of emotional intelligence are unparalleled."

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