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MADED has its very own Mr incredible! 

Adrian can delve into the mind of his subjects and create a development programme that’s perfectly suited to their needs.


Adrian walks into chaos and brings order.  He enters a gloomy room and leaves it full of joy, hope and inspiration.


He really does make a difference to every institution and company he works with.

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Finance Director

Paula Panda holds the keys to our kingdom. She lets us have awesome things if we ask really nicely! 


With incredibly visionary eyes, our forward-thinking ‘Bob The Builder’ can see anything her mind wants to and then builds it in reality.


When she's not directing finance, she really loves testing out new power tools and ploughing through walls, only to rebuild them of course!


Paula puts the MAD in MADED.

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Creative Director

Formerly referred to as Mowgli, Jodi has earned her title as our creative Einstein.

We think all of her creativity is stored in her hair.


When she's not plotting her next advert attack, designing websites or performing music, she likes to kick back with a nice cuppa and intently indulge in some Netflix.


Wild at heart, she adds a splash of colour to everything she puts her mind to.

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Customer Liason Officer

Sophie Gill is the fabulously fun and friendly face to MADed. 

She helps us to get our wild and wonderful creations down and out to the ones who need them most. 

When Sophie is not being a super social flutter-by, she can most often be found on her favourite green spinning chair with a packet of sweeties. 


Sophie is great at intently watching other people watch TV...(ooh wait, is that a new idea?)

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