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Our training enables participants to reinforce their existing skills, as well as learning new ones that aren't covered during teacher training.  Our workshops develop emotional intelligence, build interaction skills and teach strategies for helping young people achieve their full potential.


Our workshops cover:

Insights into the key drivers of poor behaviour

The relational strategies that could de-escalate situations and disarm young people

The use of modelling pro-social behaviours with the intent of enhancing the learning experience for both young people and teachers and adults working with young people



Our workshops are delivered using a mix of lecture/presentation, Q&A, physical practise and scenario rehearsal using an “Emotionally Safe, Coaching Environment” 



A one - day workshop for NQTs and RQTs

Establish a positive climate for learning 


Promote positive behaviour and enhance conditions for learning


Enhance communication


Establish and sustain positive relationships


Underpin rules and translate them into practice

classroom & behaviour management

A one-day workshop for Cover Supervisors and Supply Teachers 

Ideal preparation for school placements

Strategies for promoting positive behaviour

Strategies for maintaining professional integrity

Developing personal effectiveness

mental health and young people

A half-day workshop for people working with young people 

Understand the prevalence and impact of mental health issues

Explore mental health and young people

Protecting mental health in the workplace


Learn how to:


Treat people with dignity, communicate value and show respect 


Learn how to empathise with how people may be feeling, therefore how a situation

or conversation can be defused or resolved


Learn to recognise how we can innocently communicate the wrong signals, which can escalate situations


Avoid causing or unnecessarily escalating conflict


Confidently deal with verbal abuse


Engage in difficult conversations


Effectively de-escalate conflict


Persuade others to cooperate





Workshops are delivered using a mix of lecture/presentation, Q&A, physical practice and scenario rehearsal using an “Emotionally Safe, Coaching Environment”



Who would benefit?


Anyone in a public-facing role within your organisation, who has responsibility for interacting with visitors, parents, persuading another person or de-escalating situations, will benefit. The training will help them create a safe and secure environment in your workplace.



Why choose this training?


It will be matched to your conflict and communication skills needs


It’s led by experienced professionals


It promotes values, dignity and respect as part of a Behaviour Support approach


It demonstrates how to safeguard people’s rights in conflict situations


It offers staff practical options for conflict resolution communications



Personal Benefits


Personal Safety: improved relationships, self-confidence and physical safety


Organisational Safety: improved morale and job performance


Emotional Safety: increased competence in dealing with difficult conversations



Organisational Benefits


Higher levels of customer satisfaction


Lower workplace stress levels


Fewer complaints

De-escalation WORKSHOPS

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