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about us

Welcome to MADed.


We are a family-led business offering Education Consultancy and Creative Services. 


Our Educational Services include:

- School Improvement Consultancy 

- Alternative Provision Consultancy 

- Communications Consultancy

- Staff Training 

- Leadership Coaching


Our Creative Services offer:

- Web Design 

- Company Branding

- Photography, Videography and Editing 

- Design

- Social Media Upgrades and Maintenance 


With us, you can create a harmonious learning community and truly make a difference in the lives of your school, staff, students and young people. 


As to the creative options available...well creativity is limitless!​

We value people and our aim is to empower, equip and enable you and the young people you work with.


Our professional development opportunities will inspire you to continue enriching the lives of your students and take a stronger, holistic approach.


With a track record of success in a range of schools and academies, often in challenging circumstances, we will give you strategic and operational support with coaching, staff development and provision for vulnerable and challenging students.


Drawing upon our wealth of experience, we can bring you greater job satisfaction and improved outcomes for staff, students and the community your school serves.



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