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We create communications strategies, toolkits and protocols to equip schools with the skills and framework that they need to communicate their key messages clearly and effectively in order to build a more polished brand image.


We can also provide training to give school leaders confidence in their ability to respond to media enquiries and use print, broadcast and social media to proactively raise the profile of their school.



For struggling schools or those with a specific issue to communicate, we can devise and deliver bespoke strategies tailored to their needs, working with school leaders to develop key messages, challenge misinformation and, ultimately, enhance the school’s reputation and brand image.


At times of crisis, we offer on-call communications support to give schools the extra resource, skills and expertise that they need to proactively manage difficult or sensitive issues.



Communications Associate:

With more than 20 years of experience in both journalism and public sector communications, Lucy Oates works with schools to help them 'up their communications game'.


She’s a safe pair of hands that school leaders can turn to at times of crisis or when bespoke solutions are required to handle sensitive or challenging issues.


From helping schools to shout about their academic successes to working with multiagency teams to handle communications around sensitive safeguarding issues, Lucy is skilled in both proactive and reactive communications activity, including crisis management.


Most recently, Lucy has worked with a federation of maintained nursery schools in East and North Yorkshire to raise awareness of the long-term impact of underfunding, as well as lobbying Councillors, MPs and other key decision-makers on the issue.


She has also worked with a secondary school in South Yorkshire to develop and deliver communications strategies aimed at improving parental engagement and marketing its Sixth Form.


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