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Continuing Professional Development for Teachers, Supply Teachers and Cover Supervisors.

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Equip yourself or your staff with the understanding and skills to safeguard young people.


Earn CPD points on this visually engaging accredited CPD course for teachers. 

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Continuing professional development for teachers



"The course is fantastic!! It focuses on the key principles of teaching and learning and the classroom structures and systems that enable you to create and maintain a safe, successful learning environment for anyone and everyone to succeed within. The course highlights the importance of ‘How you teach’ rather than ‘what you teach’ throughout making it relevant to all subjects and all involved in Education. There were lots of practical examples used throughout the course and lots of information/script sheets that are available for you to download to help you put the contents of the course into practice. I would thoroughly recommend this course to all people working in schools or with young people from volunteers to head teachers and everyone else in between."


20 years experience of working in a wide range of Primary, Secondary and Special schools.



​This course is designed to:

  • Help staff understand the statutory elements of safeguarding and child protection

  • Help staff meet their statutory responsibility to make sure they undertake regular safeguarding training and how to implement strategies to keep children safe

  • Help staff understand the spectrum of gendered violence and how important it is to tackle low-level sexism and sexual harassment

  • Help equip staff to challenge sexual harassment in school

  • Help staff spot potential signs of abuse in intimate personal relationships between children

Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for anyone working with children and young people

Completing this course will help you:

  • Understand your responsibilities under Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1

  • Know the main types of abuse and how to spot them

  • Gain knowledge of specific safeguarding issues and how to spot them

  • Act in a child’s best interest and with paramountcy 

  • Deepen understanding of how to tackle sexual harassment in schools and other settings

Children in Classroom



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